Discover Miami’s Best Neighborhoods to Explore Without a Car

There are several neighborhoods in Miami that are highly transit-friendly and offer plenty of options for food, entertainment, and culture. In this post, we’ll explore the top ten neighborhoods in Miami that you can explore without a car. These places offer ample access to public transit, making it easy to explore their unique features, including restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and cultural attractions.

These are the most transit-friendly neighborhood in Miami.

Downtown Miami-Brickell – With over 670 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops accessible by public transit, this neighborhood is a rider’s paradise.

Downtown from North – Photo by Marc Averette
Brickell – Photo Credits: Ariel Tutillo

Overtown – This historic neighborhood has a trolley and bus line running through it, making it easy for residents and visitors to explore the nearly 150 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in the area.

Overtown Ninth Street Pedestrian Mall – Credits: Pietro

Wynwood-Edgewater – Conveniently located near Downtown and boasting about 340 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops accessible by public transit, this neighborhood offers a picturesque view of Biscayne Bay.

Wynwood – Credits: Dan Lundberg
Edgewater – Credits to respective owners, source

Little Havana – With plenty of live music, delicious food, and the landmark Tower Theatre, this culturally rich neighborhood has something for everyone.

Allapattah – Situated next to the Wynwood and Edgewater neighborhoods and close to Downtown, Allapattah is a great place to explore with about 230 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops accessible by public transit.

Flagler Heights – Located in Downtown Miami and with many transit options available, this neighborhood offers plenty of entertainment options, including the Miami Center for Architecture and Design, numerous restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, as well as being in proximity to Biscayne Bay.

Coral Way – Located near both Downtown and Little Havana, this neighborhood offers approximately 350 food options and easy access to the Miami Metrorail system.

Little Haiti – Known for its thriving art scene and beautiful street murals, this neighborhood boasts about 250 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops and ample access to public transit.

Upper East Side – Located along Biscayne Bay, this contemporary neighborhood offers beautiful views while exploring the nearly 190 restaurants, coffee shops, and bars with the help of the public transit system.

Coconut Grove – This is a historic neighborhood in Miami, has its roots dating back to the 1870s with a Bahamian heritage. It is is also widely regarded as one of the safest places to live in Miami, with a high police presence and low crime rates.

Miami is evolving at a very fast speed, so it’s possible to expect that the situation with the transit options will change soon in the future for other areas of the city.

And you? Which area do you enjoy the most?

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