Recent Sales Report: Top Seven Most Expensive Homes Sold in Miami-Dade, Florida: Pinecrest Area


In the bustling real estate market of Pinecrest, several notable residential properties have changed hands recently. This article highlights the top seven most expensive homes sold in the area, providing insights into their prices, features, and transaction details. Let’s delve into these impressive sales and explore the thriving luxury real estate market in Pinecrest.

1) $6.1 Million Single-Family Residence in the 7800 Block of 125th Street:

With a staggering sale price of $6.1 million, this magnificent single-family residence, built in 2019, offers a sprawling living area of 5,506 square feet. The price per square foot reached an impressive $1,108.

2) $4.8 Million Detached House in the 7400 Block of 102nd Street:

Situated in the desirable Pinecrest area, this detached house boasts a rich history, having been built in 1949. The spacious property spans 5,273 square feet, and its sale price of $4.8 million reflects the prestige and allure of the neighborhood.

3) $3.6 Million Single-Family Residence in the 10100 Block of Southwest 57th Court:

This expansive single-family home, encompassing 5,747 square feet, captivates with its elegant design and desirable location. With a purchase price of $3,587,500, it showcases the ongoing demand for luxurious residences in Pinecrest.

4) $3.1 Million Single-Family House in the 12800 Block of 61st Avenue:

Nestled in the heart of Pinecrest, this stunning single-family house offers a generous living area of 4,038 square feet. Its sale price of $3.1 million signifies the enduring appeal of well-appointed properties in the area.

5) $1.9 Million Single-Family Home in the 7200 Block of 130th Street:

Built in 1960, this charming single-family home spans 3,144 square feet and exudes character and warmth. Selling for $1.9 million, it represents an attractive option for those seeking a balance of timeless design and modern amenities.

6) $340,000 Condominium in the 7700 Block of 99th Street:

With a sale price of $340,000, this condominium, constructed in 1981, offers a comfortable living area of 915 square feet. It presents an excellent opportunity for buyers seeking an affordable yet stylish option in the vibrant Pinecrest community.

7) $325,000 Condominium in the 7900 Block of 104th Street:

This condominium, sold for $325,000, provides an accessible entry point into Pinecrest’s real estate market. Boasting a living area of 1,133 square feet, it offers a cozy and convenient residential option.


The recent sales of these prestigious homes in Pinecrest underscore the allure of the area’s luxury real estate market. With an average price of $2.9 million and an average price per square foot of $782, these transactions reflect the demand for high-quality properties in this sought-after community.

As the market continues to thrive, both buyers and sellers can find opportunities to make their mark in this location, still not much known internationally.

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