The power of cinema and its influence on the real world.

Did you know that the new iconic movie The Little Mermaid has sparked a new trend among travel enthusiasts?

Fans of the beloved Disney film are now on a quest to explore the breathtaking filming locations, and one place has captured everyone’s attention. Sardinia!

Searches for the filming location in Sardinia have surged by an incredible 216%!

Photo credit Disney

If you’ve watched the movie, you surely admired the majestic castle of Eric. Well, some scenes, especially those showcasing the castle from the sea, are in Castelsardo, nestled in the heart of the Gulf of Asinara.

Castelsardo, photo credit Grimaldi Lines

The most important Italian location is undoubtedly Ariel’s beach, the stunning Rena Majore di Aglientu.

Photo credit Disney

It is here that several key scenes were filmed, such as the moment when Ariel saves Eric and emerges from the water to climb onto the rock.

Are you looking to invest or explore real estate opportunities? Sardinia might just be the perfect destination for you.

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