At the core of Govoni Consulting is a people-first approach to doing business. They place a premium on building strong relationships with their clients through open communication, discretion, and accountability. It’s a strategy that’s earned them the trust of high-net-worth individuals and some celebrities.

Govoni Consulting is willing to redefine the experience of buyers and sellers by focusing on three key principles: relationships, technology, marketing and data. By prioritizing these factors, they’ve created a modern, and bespoke service that sets them apart from the competition.


Founder and lawyer, the charismatic guide of the Team.

Always ready to find a solution even to the most complex situation. In more than fifteen years, he assisted Italian and International clients with luxury purchases and sales.

Davide is one of the trusted professional in the lists of several Embassies around the world. In his free time there is: Chess, Art, Research, Running. Always ready for a chat over a good Italian coffee.

Emmanuele Govoni in Miami, florida, amazing luxury modern waterfront home entrance in a blue Italian suit and sunglasses.

Founder and lawyer, the globe-trotter of the team.

lawyer and global advisor, one of the founders, is the globe-trotter of the team. You can find him in Miami during winter and Sardinia during summer.

Emmanuele is always ready to take a flight for finding the best solutions for the needs of his clients and closing the deals. In his free time there is: Coffee, Art, Reading, Running, Aperitif with friends.


We are lawyers, assisting you in the deal is in our DNA.

We are relationship-based. Our good values and solid principles combined with our professionalism, discretion, and accountability, that distinguish us, are the main ingredients for the success of our deals in every part of the world with every professional we meet along our path. We try to break down complex dynamics into first principles, this allows us to see the problem more clearly and find the solution. 



Starting from the classic concept of lawyer, “Advocatus” [from the Latin] properly past participle of advocare, “to call to oneself, to call for help, to call near”, in imperial Latin “to call in one’s defense”.